About Us

Proudly Serving the Madison Area

Forward Heating & Cooling LLC

Forward Heating and Cooling is owned by Sam Jones and his wife Alison.  Their two young sons enjoy helping build ductwork and load materials.  Alison is a UW-Madison alumni  and Sam a graduate of Edgewood college.  Sam's post graduate education involved completion of a HVAC apprenticeship program.  He won the Wisconsin state HVAC apprenticeship skills competition and went on to compete nationally.

The name Forward was chosen to signify the Wisconsin state motto of perseverance, progress, and leadership. All of these attributes are shared in the mission of Forward Heating and Cooling. Having spent time living outside of Wisconsin we have come to truly appreciate the values and community found in our home state. We strive to reflect those values of integrity, hard work, and reliability in the work we do. We are proud to be a small business and provide a personal touch and connection that can get lost in large companies. We care about our customers and their needs are our number one priority. By providing service we help us all work together to go Forward.

Our Mission

We rely on the values of integrity, hard work, and reliability to continue to build an excellent reputation in southern Wisconsin. We believe that the best way to market our business is through satisfied customers and old fashioned word of mouth. The majority of our customers are friends or family of past clients.

Comprehensive Heating & Cooling Services

At Forward Heating and Cooling we offer a comprehensive list of residential HVAC services.  We can take care of your needs on: 

  • Residential Change Outs
  • Maintenance and service for most major HVAC systems and Boilers
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Emergency, around-the-clock repair services for most major HVAC systems